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As Nataraja, the Lord of Dance, Lord Shiva comes across as the fiercest yet the most joyful. The Tandava, a hugely popular divine dance form, is believed to have been performed by Shiva. And most of us believe that it represents the most aggressive form of dance.


This is one of my favorite Fotog at all. I took this at the ‘Nav Durga Jagran’ event, held in my home town by my brothers and friends at the recent Navratri festival. My friend invited me to shoot that event. It was my first experience to shoot locally with a DSLR.


During that event it was the last jhanki dance on the Lord Shiva Story at 4:50AM. I enjoyed this dance performance so much. He dances like Lord Shiva comes in his body. Hope you Like this snap of that dance. :)

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