A Dancing Sun-Tree



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Nature is in the dancing mood. I felt the hint when I was capturing this enlightened sun behind the dancing branches of the tree  which faces the season of down falling leafs 'The prettiest Autumn, just  the way of vision  :)

It was the second week of March. Little bit of cool weather. As usual I went to my home terrace which is on the 4th floor for evening walk with a cup of coffee. Suddenly I saw the golden sun going down behind this tree which is just 500m away behind my home. I don’t know the name of this tree which leaves their leaf every year in the winter season.

The scenery and colors look awesome to me. I decided to capture this beautiful scene. I took a shot but the composition was not so interesting and the sun position did not look as good as I wanted. So I decided to come more early before sunset to shoot it the next day. Next day, I took 7-10 shoots with different compositions while waiting for the sun to come down and composite as I wanted.

Finally I got this gorgeous shot. If you see it through an artistic eye, you will see a character (Sun-Tree) who is in a dancing position and the sun looks like his head. I hope you Like it.

Nature is always playing an artistic game in itself, we just have time to watch their beauty. 

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